Driving School

Porsche Special Incentives – Corporate Experience Events

Our Corporate Experience Events -program is built so that just in one day you and your customers will have a chance to drive top of the line road tuned Porsches like a new 997 CS 375, 997 CS 400 or 996 Biturbo and real racing machines such as the Porsche 996 Supercup with 420hp or 996 GT3-RSR with 520hp.

At the end of the day our professional driver will give you few unforgettable flying laps with the amazing Porsche GT2-R (720hp), the fastest GT-Porsche in the world!

Drive and Learn

Drive and Learn -concept gives you private schooling for a half a day with a professional driver. You will learn the basic skills of driving on a track with a powerful Porsche.

Plenty of track time and intensive learning will raise your driving skills on another level!

PSC Luxury

Experience Real Performance on the roads.
We also offer you a possibility to spend a fabulous day driving with PSC tuned and registered road Porsches on the beautiful roads of the Ardennes or where ever you want to head.

This can be only few hours or even a full weekend with few good friends and our finest cars!

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